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ABS Physiotherapy Electric EMS Foot Massager

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This product is made with high-quality material; it is 100% skin-friendly and durable. Its high-tech infrared heating technique with mild vibration massage creates a sensual pleasure that allows amazing relaxation to your feet and eases any pain and muscle cramps.

Its EPS/EMS technology promotes blood flow and targets every acupuncture point of your feet perfectly. You can adjust the vibration speed per your desired comfort level using the speed change option. It has 6 different modes and 10 levels of intensity to assure you a satisfying and gratifying massage experience.

Now, getting a professional foot massage to relax your feet and ease the day away is quite easy. Bring spa-like comfort to your home with this physiotherapy electric EMS foot massager by simply ordering now.



Eases stress, fatigue, and tension
Targets acupressure points muscles
Promotes blood circulation and reduces swelling
Relieves foot cramps and pain
Relaxes your feet gently effectively


Size: 31x31cm (12.2 x12.2inches)
AA battery (Not Included)

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