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Adjustable Heavy Hand Gripper

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Boost your grip strength, improve hand health and minimize muscle pain with this Adjustable Hand Gripper. Targeting the fingers, wrists, palms, and forearms, they work all the muscles to improve dexterity and performance. In addition to strengthening your hand grip, they will also help to relieve pain and stress.

You can do these exercises just about anywhere. You can use these while you're at the office or even in the car if you travel for work. They are a discrete training tool that transforms your job and downtime into productive workout sessions.

Expertly crafted using a durable PC material, providing long-term strength and reliable use for years to come. Non-Slip handles, not only can you exercise your hands more comfortably, but they still provide you with the same great  workout. By exercising your fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms, you will build up strength and make your hands stronger so you can lift heavier weights, enhance your workout routines and perform daily tasks more easily.


    Multi-purpose strengthener for wrist strength, grip strength arm strength
    For abdominal, biceps, and triceps training
    Grip strengthener
    Wrist strengthener


    Weight: about 700g(1.5lbs)
    strength: 20-35kg(44-77.2lbs)

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