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Ankle Armor

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Introducing Ankle Armor

It’s a brilliant new compression wrap for soothing support of your foot, ankle, and lower leg. Ankle Armor gently wraps your foot and ankle, helping to reduce pressure from sprains, swelling, or injuries. This product reduces foot fatigue and the radiating pain that travels from ankles to your knees and hips.

The secret is the custom compression fabric that gives you perfect support right where you need it. Ankle Armor is fully adjustable with a closure to tighten or loosen for the perfect pressure. Medical bandages are ugly and abrasive, but Ankle Armor easily wraps around your bare feet or over your socks. They fit neatly and discreetly into shoes, boots, any footwear! The gentle compression helps protect against injury. You'll soothe, massage, and energize your ankles, feet, and legs. Ankle Armor helps support and stabilize ankles for running, biking, golf, or tennis. If your ankles swell, Ankle Armor is the perfect traveler — easy to slip on or off. Soft and flexible, you can sleep in them, yet durable and washable for years of wear. Protect yourself from pain with Ankle Armor!


★ Increase Blood Circulation
★ Prevent Ankle Twists/Sprains
★ Pain Relief for Plantar Fasciitis and other foot injuries
★ Lightweight Breathable Material (Moisture Wicking)
★ Helps Recovery after exercise/post-workout
★ Soft Materials for Comfortable Wear
★ It is unisex
★ Suitable for all kinds of sports

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