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Body Slimming Sweat Sauna Vest

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Achieve every fitness goal you’ve desired and burn stubborn fat with this body slimming sweat sauna vest. Whether you are planning to run some extra miles or any other outdoor sports activities, this fat cutter sauna vest is going to be a smart choice.

Our experts design a V-type zipper style to shape your body. Its high-quality neoprene fat-burner fabric not only maintains perfect heat that promotes fat-burning but also supports your waist and tummy so you can work-out intensively. Sweat enhancing but staying dry outside; it can be worn under all types of outfits.



Effortlessly get fit to your body
Warmth retention effects
Support your upper-body and improve posture
It gives your a versatile and muscular look
Sustainable for all fitness actively
Promote sweat with heat, maintaining capacity


Material: Neoprene

Weight: 166g(0.37lbs)

NET WT: 166g(0.37lbs)

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