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Boxing Reflex Ball

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Introducing a Product That Best Improves Hand-Eye Coordination And Keeps Your Children Entertained For Hours!

What Are The Problems Due to Lack Of Activity in a Child?

  • Low metabolism.
  • ​Increased risk of back pain.
  • ​Drop-in healthy cholesterol.
  • ​Increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Main Features & Benefits

It keeps your kids entertained for hours

Improves hand-eye coordination + lightweight and portable for any road-trips

A healthy alternative to computer and video games

What's Included?

A stretchable band tied to a lightweight ball and an elastic Headband. Tie the ball to the elastic Headband provided (or your own cap), and you are ready for a great time away from video games! (As the Training Kit is suitable for both kids and adults, you may need to adjust the length of the stretchable band to suit your own needs, if necessary.)

Your Satisfaction Matters

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