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Column Yoga Block Fitness Equipment

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As a fitness enthusiast, you can understand how intense workouts and difficult yoga poses may give you minor injuries. Not only this, but a bad lifestyle and long-term sitting routine can also bring unwanted back pain in your life.

Spending a few minutes with Column Yoga Block Fitness Equipment can improve flexibility and mobility. It effectively relieves pain, aching, and prevents injury. Constructed from high-quality material, it would not break down or loosen the shape from regular use.



Relieves muscles pain and stress
Improves flexibility and mobility
It comes with a convenient bag - easy to carry for your next fitness session.
Perfect gift for a yoga lover

How To Use

Lie on your floor and place this Column Yoga Block underneath where you want to feel relaxed. Now, back forward and downward slowly and enjoy it.


Frequency: 1-100hz.
Length: 30cm(11.8inches)

Width: 10cm(3.9inches)
Material: EVA

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