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Abdominal EMS Electro Stimulation Belt

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Tone your muscles and enhance the appearance of your abs to look sexier than ever. This EMS abdominal electro stimulation belt is light-weighted, super thin, and worn perfectly under your clothes. Its convenient design allows you to use it while doing household chores, reading, or even while at work.

Including 6 different modes and 10 current frequency levels, this device is highly effective in giving you the results you dream of!

It is straightforward to use: To burn fat, use modes 1-2. To grow and tone your muscles, use modes 3-4, and finally, modes 5-6 work best to improve mobility and strengthen your muscles.



Burns body fat and enhances abs

What You Get

X1 Abdominal belt
X2 Arm stickers
X1 USB charging cable
X3 Host

How to Use

Step 1: Charge it with a USB cable
Step 2: Attach the controller to the peds
Step 3: Remove the film and place it on the desired part of your body.
Step 4: Select a suitable mode and intensity per your desired goal and comfortability.

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