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Herculean Life: Mind-Body-Soul Health, Development & Exploration Journal

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Do you know who you are? Are you suffering from a want of meaning or purpose in your life? What can you do to make your time here worthy?

Do you know what you were designed to do here in life at all?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you yearn to know too and it is your spiritual responsibility to find out.

Embark on a sacred journey of self discovery and personal development with the Herculean Life Mind-Body-Soul Rising Journal. This intricately designed 335 page journal is designed to be utilized in conjunction with your in depth, vast and completely Free: Mind-Body-Soul Health, Development & Exploration self guided course found only by registering online at

Enjoy a new beginning by allowing this powerful journal and mind elating course to be your guide through reflection, healing and growth; resulting in a deep self resonance and expansion.


Detailed and guided self-exploration through your own writing is an effective introspection tool you can utilize to unearth yourself and improve your life.

Writing down and reflection on your self, your thoughts, beliefs, limitations and experiences is necessary so you:

1. ) Can Become Clear on What Makes You YOU
2.) Pinpoint and Reflect on where your beliefs originated from 
3.) Can prioritize and break down problems, fears and concerns & gain clarity on        precisely what is calling for improvement....
4.) Delve deeper in to what motivates you, drives you, makes you tick or respond
5.) Track your progress, new thoughts and ideas. 
Journaling Is An Imperative Step In Your Healing Process.
This insightful and powerful 335 page journal will guide you perfectly by encompassing all of the soul searching inquires utilized through out the free course found exclusively at

What's Included:


*Where Are You At Now?: Finding & Defining Your Limiting Beliefs

*Preparing Your Mind for Real Change: Learning About Primitive Year Programming & How our Subconscious Minds Shape Us

*Broadening Your Self Perspective: Mastering Metacognition - Discovery in How to Get Past Limited Emotions & Negative Thinking

*Confidence Building: Replacing Insecurities, Anxiety & Doubt with Confidence & True Self Integrity

*Removing Purposeless Distractions: How to Remove Distraction Addiction' & Allowing in Space for Creativity

*Maintaining Your New Mindset: Learning What it Takes to Maintain Being a Person of Power & Relentless Growth


*Getting Active & Acquiring The Mindset To Want To Do So: Discovery into What our Food Habits Are and Why We Eat The Way We Do

*Defining, Understanding & Removing Negative Beliefs About Health: Changing out our Relationship to Food for The Better

*You Are What You Eat- Diet & Nutrition: How the Foods You Consume Affect You on Every Level. - Includes a KETO Cookbook with 60+ Keto Recipes

*Fitness- Getting Your Body Moving: Includes a 4 Week, All Fitness Level, Express Fit Workout Program Designed For Busy Lives

*Eliminating Bad Habits / Routines / Detrimental Lifestyles: Learning How to Avoid Self Sabotage.


*Who Am I Even?: Learning in to the Psychology of Yourself and What Makes you YOU Aside From Your Work and Relationships

*What Do You Believe?: Inquiries in to What Drives You and The Way in Which You Reflect Yourself in the World

*What is My Purpose?: Deep, Soul Searching Inquisitions In to What You Were Naturally Designed To Do:

*Identification of your Primary Core Values, Natural Interests and Passions

*Discovery of your Natural Gifts & Talents

*Discovery of your Natural Personality Type & Traits

*Discovery of your Natural Dominant Strengths

*Discovery of Who You Are In Your Creator: Listening to Your "Knowing"

*Learning What It Takes To Allow Yourself To Be EXACTLY Who You Were Created To Be Without Masks + Throwing Away Judgements Placed on You.

*Making Progress In To Further Defining Your Purpose: Actionable Steps That Propel You To Make Progress For Your Lifetime


*Getting out of a Bad Mood

*Losing The Approval Addiction

*Goal Setting​

*Time Management

​*Growth / Development / Spirituality​

*Meditations, Affirmations, Manifestations & The Law of Attraction

*​Turning Your Values, Strengths & Interests In To Meaningful Life Work

Beautifully designed 8.5 x 11, Paperback Coil Bound Self Exploration Journal Includes: 

Journal Prompts utilized in perfect guidance conjunction with the entire

*Mind, *Body, *Soul Online Course, found only at

-Discovering Myself: Check In
-My Life Vision
-My Life Goals
-My Life Mission
-My Vision Board
-My Life Manifesto
-My Values and Beliefs
-My Strengths and Weaknesses
-Just For Fun: Continued Exploration with 155 Prompts for Exploration!
-Blank Journal Pages For Free Thought & Notes!

If you are serious about finding out who you are and stepping into who you could be, please don't forgo the power of self journalism.

You really will NOT want to miss out!

Your Satisfaction Matters

Herculean Life is focused on helping you to reach your goal. From health and fitness down to relaxation, we have it all. We aim to provide you with high quality, high satisfactory products that will guide you in to becoming your best self!