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Hot Fitness Resistance Bands

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Get ready to enhance your strength and mobility… Whether you are a gym type or a yoga lover, this multiple fitness-resistant sport band is going to be a part of your daily workout routine. These Fitness Resistance Bands are made of high-quality natural elastic that allow you to perform various workouts. Its strong rubber latex is durable and wouldn’t overstretch or loosen up.

Fix your chest muscles or train your arms with this Fitness Resistance Band, an all-in-one exercise equipment you can use anytime. Easy to use, easy to carry, these Fitness Resistance Bands come in attractive colors that you would love to use. Now, targeting your different body muscles is way easy.


    Strong and non-slippery grip
    High-quality natural latex
    Unisex, suitable for both man and woman


    Materials: TPE+NBR tube
    Item includes 1 Pedal Exerciser + 8 Word Chest Developer.
    Suitable for: Fitness, Yoga, Comprehensive exercise
    Application: Pull Rope
    Department Name: Unisex

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