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Lacrosse Myofascia Ball

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Self-myofascial release eliminates muscle knots and tension. Lacrosse Myofascia balls relieve sore and tight muscles to rejuvenate and revitalize all areas of the body.
  • This massage ball can release muscle tension, promote blood circulation.
  • Also, it can effectively release paralysis and the fatigue feeling through massaging acupuncture points.
  • Perfect for the massage of the back or neck muscles at the vertebral column.
  • The distance between the two balls spares the spine, and the massage is even more effective.
  • It also can be used to treat the aching and slack feeling after the exercise.
  • Ideal for the massage of the upper arm, deltoid, calf, and chest.
  • Use on the wall or on the floor, odorless, water-insoluble, easy to clean, easy to sterilize.
  • With high quality and durable performance.

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