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Posture Corrector

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Boost your self-esteem by improving your body posture with our posture corrector support. This rubber back brace clavicle support device recovers your muscles and joints injury fast. This works well for 9-5 employees who face chronic back pain and bad posture due to sitting all day long on their chairs.

A busy lifestyle with less physical activity not only brings unwanted back pain but also gives you a bad posture(rounded shoulders, potbelly, and hunch). Our breathable posture corrector made of the high-quality fabric supports your back, shoulder, and spine perfectly. Fix your bad posture and bring more mobility…!!


    correct your body posture
    Strengthen your muscles and spine
    Relief from back pain
    Align your spine


    Brand Name: Breathleshades
    Product: Braces & Supports
    Model Number: Back
    Effect: Bone Care
    Item Type: Braces & Supports
    Material: Material
    Color: Black
    Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
    Type: Posture Corrector

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