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Pro Circle Abdominal Mat Core Trainer

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Our Pro Circle Abdominal Mat Core Trainer works well as a back massager. The tiny cubicle cones on its surface effectively target the acupuncture points of your spinal cord. Massage your main pressure point and relieve you from chronic back pain.

Regular use of this abdominal mat core trainer can fix your hunchback and improve your body posture. Its 12x11” size bi-directional zone covers all the important area of your back and allows it to work on entire abdominal muscles with full range.


    Relief back pain and muscles stress
    Target acupuncture points and promotes blood flow
    Improve body posture and fix hunchback.
    Promote fast workout muscle recovery.


    Material: EVA
    Dimension: 30*29.5*9cm/11.8*11.6*3.5inches

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