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Push-Up Bars Fitness Racks

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Beat the ultimate score of push-ups with this I-type Push-up Frame Bracket. One of the best home workout equipment smartly designed to gear-up your home workout to the next level and give you effective results. It targets chest muscles, shoulders, triceps, and back of your arm perfectly.

The handle is covered with high-quality foam that helps you make a strong and comfortable grip, no matter how sweaty your palms are. Our Push-up training racks have a non-slip base design that provides stability and assures a hustle-free workout experience.


    It targets your chest muscles, deltoids, and arms.
    Foam-coated handle that prevents palm-sweating
    non-slip base design
    Light-weighted and durable


    Material: PP+foam
    Shape: I-shaped push-up rack
    Color: Black
    Sex: Unisex
    Quantity: 1 pair
    Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
    Teaching Mode: Book
    Form: I-shaped Push-up Rack
    Model Number: LE-133

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