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Abdominal Core Workout Sit Up Bar

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Due to a lack of proper equipment, home workouts may be quite frustrating and ultimately do not allow you the results you aim for. But, with our Sit Up Assistant Abdominal Core Workout Bar, working out at home can be more exciting and effective.

It includes a high-density fitness foam on the knee pad and a strong suction cup; this assistance bar allows you to perform difficult exercises such as crunches, leg raises, reverse crunches, and many more, conveniently and efficiently. Our home fitness abdominal core assistant is designed for people who work hard to accomplish their goals with full dedication. Get yours now and feel proud of the difference in results within your routine! 



  • Easy to install, easy to carry.
  • Trains your abdominals, torso, waist, and lower back.
  • It targets your core and tones your entire body.
  • The abdominal Bar occupies minimum space.



  • product: sit-up assistant
  • Material: Steel, foam, and silicon

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